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    Confolens in France will host the 2014 European Bowhunter Championships from 20 June to 27 June.

    The five courses are all set in the beautiful countryside of the Charente and will provide participants with challenges that they will appreciate and the opportunities to make new friends. Social events will be organised to give the maximum opportunity  to learn from other competitors.

    The competition will be according to the rules of the IFAA and all members of the federated organisations of the IFAA are welcome to register. The French Federation of Field Archery the FFTL has overall responsibility for the 2014 competition.

    The local organisation will be done by the “Archers Confolentais” club. They were founded in 1986,  soon after  the FFTL. They have hosted the European Championships several times. Together with the town  of  Confolens they expect to create a successful competition and a convivial atmosphere, drawing on their common experience of hosting national and international events. Confolens, for example, is known for its annual International Folklore Festival which attracts hundreds of participants and thousands of visitors.

    On this site you should find all the information that you need about the location, how to get there, local accommodation and a variety of sponsored and other links to archery related topics. The process of registration and the registration form will be found on the registration page.

    We hope that you find the website simple and efficient.  If you have any comments for its improvement do not hesitate to use the contact form.



Everything about the competition.

  • Where is it to be held
  • Who is organising it
  • What are the rules
  • What do the targets look like
  • How are the courses laid out
  • What are the arrangements for transport, security, safety, eating, practice ...


Lists of competitors either pre-prepared or offering a free choice of selection criteria

  • Free choice
  • Cubs and juniors
  • Adult female
  • Adult male
  • Veteran female
  • Veteran male
  • Professional


Each of our exhibitors featured here are bringing with them their fine products and offering their high quality services


This section includes a list of some of the accommodation to be found in the area. 

  • Hotels
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Self catering accommodation
  • Camping
  • Camping car parking
  • Tourist Offices
  • Telephone only (a list of accommodation we have obtained which may duplicate some of the others)